Projects / Historic

City Museum

St. Louis, Missouri - Multiple Projects

City Museum consists largely of repurposed architectural and industrial objects housed in the 600,000 sf former International Shoe building in downtown St. Louis.

Ferris Wheel / M2 Architecture Studio orchestrated the erection of a fully functional vintage Ferris wheel on the roof of the City Museum. The wheel towers over the city and the historic Washington Avenue district, distinctly poised on the top of the 10 floor building.

Climbing Forest Structure / M2 Architecture Studio acted as the technical, structural, and design advisor for the Climbing Forest on the first floor of the museum.  The limbs and rungs were designed for climbing, crawling, and sliding.  This project is almost completely sustainable, as large trees downed in some of the violent storms of spring 2011 were hauled, shaped, mounted and augmented with custom designed structural supports, climbers, and passageways to create this astounding space.  The branches and baskets lead to several new areas hidden in the ceilings and under the floors, including a secret lounge above the lobby, and a slide passing through the basement equipment room.