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Community Hospital

Onaga, Kansas

This design/build project consisted of a single level acute care addition, to replace an aging and cost-prohibitive portion of the hospital, a new drive-up main entrance, and extensive renovation of the existing facility.

Community Health System also requested the hospital be reconfigured to allow for access to acute care from a different bordering street than that for outpatient and that all construction on would be phased to allow for uninterrupted day-to-day operation on of the hospital.

The acute care addition included new surgery, 19 bed med/surg, radiology and emergency departments, a 2 room LDRP unit, pharmacy, offices, physicians’ lounge and day and night time visitor’s entrance. Renovations include redesigning the existing clinic to work more efficiently, upgrades to the admitting department, gift shop, dining areas, various support spaces, and re-imagining the building’s exterior by creating a new and unified look.