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Warren Memorial Hospital

Friend, Nebraska

Faced with an aging facility and decreasing market share, Warren Memorial Hospital decided to reinvest in itself.  This involved extensive renovation on to their acute care facilities, and also an acknowledgement of how important their rehabilitation, assisted and skilled care component was to the community and to the bottom line.

To achieve the client’s goals, our team renovated all med/surg, rehabilitation, assisted care, and skilled nursing areas, and added new nursing/rehab space for future growth opportunities. Indoor and outdoor dining space was increased, and new activity/physical therapy satellite spaces, an outdoor activity area, meeting rooms, offices, support (dirty and clean rooms), housekeeping closets, and storage rooms was added.

With monies saved through strategic use of existing and new spaces, the hospital was also able to completely upgrade the main exterior facing Second Street. The inviting façade welcomes guests to the new and renovated space within.